Who, if not a designer, knows better how to show interiors and buildings? Trust us and we will show your project in a positive light ;)


The offer is addressed to architects, interior designers, and developers who want to use pro made pictures for their portfolio or as marketing materials.


The photos are taken with professional equipment with lenses dedicated to architecture and interiors:


Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L II - tilt-shift lens that is capable of taking 2-way perspective shots - see photos on the right

Canon 17-35 mm f2.8L III - wide angle lens without fisheye effect


Body: Canon 5D mark IV - full-frame device



The price offer is calculated individually for each project.

Feel free to contact us!



Price offers (variants):


I. Economic - PLN 3,900 or PLN 4,900 - 1 operator or operator + person to help - 1 day filming, about 5 days assembly


PLN 3,900 - filming and editing - one operator

Professional equipment: Canon 5D mkIV + Canon lenses: 16-35mm f2.8L USM III + 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM II + 50mm f1.4, + 24mm TS-E f2.8L (perspective straightening), 100mm f2 .8L + tripods + DJI Ronin M (image stabilization) for heavy camera + slider Edelkrone with engine for smooth camera movement + GoPro H6 Black (timelapse).

Aerial shot: drone Phantom 4 Pro (with filters for films) - slowmotion effects.


PLN 4,900: 1 operator + additional person to help and additional cameras, sliders + gimbals (stabilizer for handheld cameras) = ​​more shots and possibilities to obtain additional interesting scenes




Clip with free music (no need to purchase a license), up to 2-3 minutes, no lector, no interviews. Ultimately: internet (website / YouTube / Vimeo).

Dynamic editing for background music.

Smooth, pro shots from the motion stabilizer with the possibility of achieving cinematic depth and background blur thanks to professional bright lenses.


Licensed music - price within PLN 100-200.




II. Standard - PLN 6,900 - PLN 7,900 - 2 operators, 1 day filming, 5-10 days assembly


The equipment from the offer I plus: a professional Blackmagic Ursa 4k camera + Canon film lenses: 14 mm f1.8 / 35 mm f1.8 / 85 mm f1.8 and a rail with a tripod for smooth slides.


Free music clip (no need to purchase a license), up to 2-3 minutes, no lector, no interviews, there may be extras. Ultimately: internet (website / YouTube / Vimeo).


Film montage is made by a company dealing with professional video editing and coloring. Target area: internet plus television.




III. Extended - min. PLN 9,900 - 2 operators, 2-3 days of filming, 7-14 days of assembly


Additionally: stage lighting (film lamps). Clip script preparation. Shots with extras, interviews (eg with management, employees, clients), professional lector.

Licensed music - from PLN 500 or more, or the composition of a new song for the needs of the clip (separate quote).


Film montage is made by a company dealing with professional video editing and coloring.

Target area: internet plus television.


Other comments:


  • extras on the client's own scope
  • interviews - according to the client's scenario
  • lector - according to the client's scenario


In addition, it is possible to take professional photos of the premises: photos + post-production (digital processing) - for PLN 700 (30 best shots after computer processing + RAW files) - for more pictures, price to be determined



We issue an invoice for the above offers. Prices without tax.


The prices are only an indicative calculations. The exact valuation depends on the assigment.

Additional information:



Filming - shot types:


• external shots (drone footage showing the building, entrances, timelapse - an accelerated movie)

• internal shots (panoramas, close-ups, static shots, slides)

• art shots from sliders (movable slats, thanks to which we get smooth panoramas of movement and zoom)

• art shots from the rail with a tripod (similar action to the slider, longer path of camera movement)

• art shots with steadycam (SLR stabilization, very professional smooth, cinematic-looking shots)

• art shots from gimbal cameras (stabilization)

• slowmotion shot - smooth slowed motion of the footage (Canon 5D mkIV, GoPro H6 Black) - eg to show slow motion inside or outside

• timelapse shot (accelerated films) Canon 5DmkiV / GoPro H6b with movement (eg if the interior has access to external light - windows. Shows how the shadows are arranged in time with the image panning - post process)

• interviews with the owners / staff (light + microphone)



Editing, coloring, sound - preparing a video clip for about 3 minutes


• music: free - no license / purchased license / commissioned composition

• coloring: basic / professional

• dynamic editing with synchronization for background music

• additions to the clip: animations and renderings, texts, slides - openings and endings





• professional lector

• animated logos



Extra premium options:


• combining the film with computer animation (3D model from the outside, interior)

• creating a photogrammetry of the building from the outside (a precise textured model), creating animation and connecting with film from cameras