ArchiCAD BIM Manager :)


It happened ... After a series of training sessions and internal exams prepared by Graphisoft, documents confirming preparation for the function of BIM Manager, have arrived. This function is quite fresh and sometimes undervalued. And yet it is about the efficient functioning of such an organism as a modern design office, based on more and more popular and inevitable BIM technology. There is no escape from the changes. The issue is, how well are we prepared for seamless cooperation on large projects. Your savings on a competent person, who knows perfectly functioning of the software and collision-free data exchange, may increase costs caused by delays and errors over subsequent investment phases.


Are you ready for change? Are you looking for a person who will implement BIM in your company? Contact us!




Virtual Reality Festival in Lodz!


Welcome to the amazing Festival of Virtual Reality - October 28, which will be held in Lodz in the revitalized power plant EC-1!


We will be among exhibitors showing RENDERLights!


This extraordinary event is a unique opportunity to try virtual reality goggles, see interesting conferences, take part in competitions and exhibitions.


More details can be found here: http://vrchallenge.io






Twinmotion for the win! Interesting article on our winning project :)


We got to the columns of Twinmotion blog, website of the real-time animation program, produced by Abvent. We invite you to read the article about our competition winning project. See, how thanks to sophisticated and extremely easy-to-use program, you can increase your chances of winning architecture competitions! We have already succeeded!


Read the article HERE.


If you are interested in the possibilities and want to purchase the software click HERE!






We are in the gallery of the best Twinmotion projects!


See gallery of the best projects completed by Twinmotion. Would you like to join?



We invite you to check up on Twinmotion 2016 HERE!






It's official. We won the architectural competition for the Independent Public Health Care in Łysomice!


Soon we start with the planning, construction and engineering. Competition engulfed within 10 days :)

Considerable merit in assessing the architectural quality sides and functionality was to make a professional looking animation in Twinmotion. We invite you to see video clip HERE.






Twinmotion 2016 on sale now! Order a presentation and explore the possibilities & power!


We invite you to get acquainted with modern software to perform real-time animation! Stay ahead of the competition and show something more than just a static visualizations. We are an Abvent partner and we are in distribution of Twinmotion 2016. We will advise, present and help make the decision.


For more information, please click HERE.






Take part in the greatest experience. First time in Poland – ArchiCAD Spring Academy!


It will take place on 22nd and 23rd of May in Cracow, where world famous architects and industry leading minds will present cutting edge products relating ArchiCAD, ArtLantis & RENDERLights!


You are invited especially for the RENDERLights workshops. The new in Poland soft that will bring your productions to the higher level and dazzle your clients!


For more info click HERE.


ATTENTION! Throughout the whole event there is a possibility to buy RENDERLights in special promotion price!