We provide small and huge cubature building surveying.




► architectural drawings preparations
    (plan views, sections, elevations etc.),

► technical specification,

► area schedules and listings,

► table of equity.


NEW!! Possibility of creating 3D BIM model surveying


Survey made fast and professional using laser technology. Photographic survey using top shelf professional equipment

(Canon 5D mkII + widelens 16-35 mm f2.8/L).


NEW!! We also make photogrammetry (point clouds) & property pictures

from the air with our drone!


Our achievements:


► Oncology Centre administration building. Maria Sklodowska-Curie

     (volume: 14 000 m3)

► Third Municipal Hospital. dr. Charles Jonscher in Lodz

     (volume 36 390 m3)

► residential and commercial building Narutowicza 8/10

     (volume: 15 071 m3)

► parts of The Mother's Memorial Hospital (volume: 4 700 m2)

► two buildings: Żeromskiego 41, Lipowa 28

     (Total volume of approx. 20 535 m3)

► residential at Narutowicza 36 (volume: 12 728 m3).