Sanctuary of Humanity

Sanctuary of Humanity

An artistic vision of a world-famous artist painter Andrzej Fogtt.


A fruit of cooperation between Fogtt, arch3Designer, Allmendinger, Akademia Architektury and Stangel Modellbahnbau.


We proudly present a tremendous and original concept of an altar almost 10 metres high, that is a bookcase  for the gains of all mankind, written on paper.

Shown below is an animation of the whole concept and an example of a real life scanned interior including an Altar. Second part shows the final version into which the project has evolved over time...

The project has evolved over time to become a free-standing monument containing over 300,000 books of human creativity and knowledge...

The construction of the altar inside and the shelves for the final version in the form of a building were designed in the USM system, a very precise Swiss steel structure based on a frame that will withstand years of exploitation.

Along with the design process, animations and visualizations, a scaled model was created. See video and photos below:

We invite you to watch the film from the opening of the painting exhibition and the public presentation of the scaled model of the Sanctuary of Humanity:

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