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For those who think about changing their way of designing but still hesitate, we provide free of charge presentations of ArchiCAD and ArtLantis.

NEW! - RENDERLights & Twinmotion presentations!


Vinyl and compact disks ruled over long time and now we download music from web. The previous media are in exponential retreat…

Not that long ago we used drawing boards and rapidographs. Then, computers came and we moved to more sophisticated but still drawing boards. Nowadays, as the time moves on, we are starting completely new dimension in making our work easier more appealing – we enter BIM – the Building Information Model




architect cannot just give away underdrawings to the constructors, he has to control the whole project. When he enters the next technological stadium designated by the CAD, he takes active part in the whole investment procedure. He shall be the real integrator of the whole process;


we complain on low project costs - it is time to make Investors and General Contractors aware of  tools, that can be useful in designing process;


competitors will have ArchiCAD – do you want to stay behind? If you will not prepare the project accordingly, your collegue next office will do that in your place;


ArchiCAD is the smoothest platform of data exchange among programs, which are used by all participants of investment process. Even teamwork ArchiCAD with AutoCAD is more efficient than from the level of REVIT itself (!)



RENDERLights & Twinmotion


► The competition is not sleeping! Be one step ahead and create professional looking architecture animations in the blink of an eye! These programs will let you create Full HD 25 frames per second animations in real time (!) And you have no need for renderfarm whatsoever! Invite us for a presentation and see how you can effectively acquire customers!











Start today and signup for presentation! We will try to convince you why it is worth making up to the times with new ArchiCAD 23 and BIM technology!


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