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We make professional architectural animations on demand.

ArchiCAD Box 2024


This time a product animation ;)


A key box designed in Archicad and then made using 3D printing technology!


It's a nod to our customers and this little detail is added to every purchase of a new ArchiCAD license!


Are you interested in purchasing a license? Send your inquiry and we will prepare the best offer on the market.

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GePlastyk & Commercecon HQ


One of our recent works for Commercecon.


Architectural animation of the Commercecon headquarters and the GePlastyk hall, located on the neighboring plot. This time we also showed night shots of the office building :)


Enjoy the movie!




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ML System


Another order for visualization and animation for manufacturers of industrial and warehouse halls from Commercecon.


With the current order, we focused on the location of the facility in the immediate vicinity of the airstrip.

Over 6,000 solar panels have been installed on the roof - it's worth seeing!



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High-end animations!


One of our recent works for the Commercecon -  company, known in Poland for the construction of high-class industrial and warehouse halls.


Architectural drawings alone are not enough nowadays to present your concept. Visualizations in the form of static shots are not always enough. That's why high-quality photorealistic animations come in handy.


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Humano for Twinmotion



Together with Humano, we have created a mega package of professionally scanned characters, prepared for the needs of visualization and animation, dedicated to Twinmotion!


220 posed 3D people, 11 collections and great prices with our special discount!





Please visit our dedicated page


Humano for Twinmotion <- click here

New quality of animation!


We have entered a new year and a new era of animation. Together with the Path Tracer rendering engine, we gained real reflections in objects, which resulted in a completely new quality!


We are pleased to invite you to a short film with Jeep in the lead role.

We can make an animation on your model or model your project from scratch and then bring it to life!

Arklow Bank Wind Park (Ireland)



An animation made for a client from Ireland, showing the design of a new office and warehouse building and a newly designed port.


Since the client deals with wind farms, we referred to the topic of his activity in the intro. The film has been shortened for the client's needs.


We also invite you to watch the original director's cut:



Arklow Bank Wind Park - uncut <- click here

Sanctuary of Humanity (Poland)


An artistic vision of a world-famous artist painter Andrzej Fogtt.


A fruit of cooperation between Fogtt, arch3Designer, Allmendinger, Akademia Architektury and Stangel Modellbahnbau. We proudly present a tremendous and original concept of an altar almost 10 metres high, that is a bookcase  for the gains of all mankind, written on paper.


The project has evolved over time to become a free-standing monument containing over 300,000 books of human creativity and knowledge...


More info: click here!

Piotrkowska - artistic backyard

(Lodz, Poland)



Lodz is a model city for revitalization activities. We also participate in this process and in cooperation with the world-famous artist Andrzej Fogtt, we have created an unconventional project of an artistic backyard, witch vault will be 3.5-meter candelabra with programmable LED lighting!


We have prepared an animation presenting our project. Implementation probably around 2022. We can't wait!


Tuwima 10 Revitalization (Lodz, Poland)



Lodz is currently known as the model city of revitalization. We also take an active part in this process. From the BIM surveys, through concepts, reconstruction projects, we create a more beautiful reality. One of these processes is also animation.


We are pleased to show you our first production with the implementation of many techniques, as a result of which we are able to generate an amazing picture of the project, it`s context and transformation from the existing into a new!


We invite investors, developers and designers to cooperate!


Circus Circus in Reno



A journey through the vast areas of the USA and a ride through the amazing complex of casinos in the Nevada desert was the inspiration for this production.


Reminiscence of a small town, lit by a thousand LED lights in the night landscape and all captured in an interesting setting in the form of drone shots and Twinmotion animation.


We invite you to explore our Twinmotion 2019 license offer!


"8 Oaks" apartments



We invite you to watch the animation that was commissioned by the developer. The premiere of the show took place at the Lodz Real Estate Fair on 29/09/2018 at Atlas Arena (Poland).


This short movie went against a great interest of potential apartment buyers. In addition to the mock-up model, this type of presentation allows you to pass an architectural thought and is an excellent form of marketing at the same time.


Show us your design and we'll do the rest!


Office interiors



Latest production.


Office interiors for the client along with professionally assembled animations in a short video clip.


The project was created in the ArchiCAD 21 along with modelling and a direct connection with Twinmotion 2018, where animations were made.


We invite you to explore our Twinmotion 2018 license offer!



eService open space v1.0



Our latest 3D work. This time it's an example of an open-plan office interiors animation, showing the possibilities of using animated characters in scenes. We comprehensively prepare a 3D model, create animated high-quality scenes, develop animated logos, assemble a movie and frame in a soundtrack.

We can also prepare an animation with a professional voice-over, on special request.


eService open space v2.0



The second version showing changes to the animated logo at the beginning of the film and animations without the people models. We prepare various film options, so the client can choose the final version he likes.

EC-1 The Movie



EC-1. One of the most exciting buildings in central part of Poland in city of Lodz. Power plant  in the past (1906/2000), science center and a planetarium nowadays (from 2008).


Enjoy some magnificient views and something more... ;)


New offer! Animations that links existing state with one that is in your project!

Health Care Facility

(Lysomice, Poland)



The conceptual design of the Independent Public Health Care in the village Lysomice.


The architectural competition that we won in May 2016. Facility will be constructed near Torun. We decided to put the emphasis on the structure and its functionality stimulating a sense of professionalism, modernity and accessibility to potential customers.


Professional animation that we made extra, was a Bull`s Eye supplement to this project.


Eastern Martial Arts Center "Rising Sun"



Diploma work, which was formed as a result of passion for art and culture of the Far East.


The project is looking for an investor, ready to implement very interesting building in both  architecture and functionality. Combination of sport with elements of japanese culture and the possibility of exploring oriental cooking.


Animation is an example of our capabilities in both 3D modeling and professional video montage.


GRAVITAN sports club

(Warsaw, Poland)



Animation made on behalf of a huge sports clubs network located in Warsaw.


Animation made for marketing purposes. It is a great tool for finding investors and end customers before the completion of the project.


We also offer animations made in full 3D for 3D capable devices like 3D TVs!



Clinical and Educational Centre

(Lodz, Poland)



An example animation of a Medical University assembly hall located in Lodz. The animation shows both exterior and interior permises.


In order to make the animation please to the eye, we have added some life to the architecture: animated objects, trees and plants swaying in the wind, people, vehicles and even animals.


Imagine now, how would your design look on our animation :)

Meet the Twimmings!



To sum up, something humorious for all those who remember the times of the first computer games ;)


Lemmings are small creatures, which horde should be guided by assigning them different functions. And all this to bring them safe and sound to their home.


Is it a smile on your face? ;)

Send us your request together with the type of facility and guidelines and we will prepare a quotation.


The models are made on the basis of the following files:

  • dwg - AutoCAD
  • pln - ArchiCAD
  • skp - Sketchup
  • 3ds - 3D Studio
  • pdf
  • jpg or scans


For a quotation we shall need:

  • plans
  • elevations
  • one section at least
  • site planning data.




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