arch3Designer architecture & design in full three dimensions. Established in early 2012. We have several years` experience gained from architectural firms abroad and in Poland. We follow an open approach to the customer and his needs. From the very beginning of our adventure with the architecture, we are determined to create a virtual model and virtual space, through which we can implement the boldest ideas. BIM Technology (Building Information Model), in which we create our projects, allows us to do the work flawlessly and within time limits.


We operate in a range starting from housing to public buildings such as offices, theaters, hotels, health care facilities etc. We do also an interior design. Our work starts from conceptual designs and competitions and ends on full planning applications. In the process of creation we follow the individual investor expectations embedding our experience and knowledge. The end effect of each commission, based on the close teamwork with the client, is the final product satisfying both sides.


We`re looking forward to doing business with you!

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