Few words about the owner…


Studies finished at the Technical University of Lodz (Poland) with a successful defense of my diploma work: Eastern Martial Arts Center “Rising Sun” with an 'A' mark. The choice of the subject wasn`t random. He has been always fond of Far East culture and art.


After graduation, world stand up open for him, so he decided to take things in his hands and his first work was in small, but same reputed design office in a colorful town, on west coast of Ireland.


After 2,5 year he has returned to Poland. It was the time to fulfill dreams and visit Japan! Exploring Tadao Ando`s great architecture, expanding knowledge about modern design and the traditional Japanese architecture. He has even managed to get himself to an architect`s seminar in Kyoto, where he was the only alien visitor barely speaking japanese!


Three magnificent months have passed, so that was the time to return to Homeland. Immediately he started  new work in a huge design office training on a field of public sector: hospitals, theatres, town halls etc.


A huge break in his lifespan was a step towards settling down his own business - “arch3Designer”. The simple association of three words: architecture-3D-design, which describes all his work being done in 3D dimensions.


Besides his interest in what he does for living, his passion envolved towards pro photography, computer graphics and cinematography.

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Self–taught, with a sensitive eye, head full of ideas, open for challenges and always trying to fill up his goals. What about leisure time? If he can hardly find any and the weather is fine, he hits the road on his horse made of steel…

M.Sc. Civil Engineer Architect Przemyslaw Gajowiak